Live Beside the Sea

    ‘Live Beside the Sea is an award winning Property Search Company that finds special homes for especially busy people wishing to relocate to Cornwall.  Founder Jayne Phillips-Choak has years of property experience in Cornwall, before launching her property search agency some 5 years ago.  You cannot buy a house sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine trawling Rightmove, despite popular belief as it is complete overwhelm.  Having someone on your side who knows the county and the intricacies of the local property market is key to finding that perfect home.  Jayne researches the market for clients, viewing many properties on their behalf and sends comprehensive viewing reports that highlight any negatives about the house or the location.  This saves clients precious time and money on trips down to Cornwall that often end in disappointment.

    Jayne only works with 2 clients at a time, so house hunters are assured of her undivided attention from the first phone call until they get the keys to the door of their new home.  Offers are negotiated by Jayne who has a good working relationship with the estate agents, so buyers know that they are not paying over market value.  Many houses, particularly those over a million pounds exchange hands without ever coming to the open market, so having a search agent in your pocket is the only way that you would find out about them.  Jayne often gets ‘early doors’ from agents before their properties go live, and individuals contact her with their special houses before approaching the agents.

    So, if you want help finding that special home, even if you live locally but need a helping hand, please get in touch.  Or if you are thinking of selling and have a unique and special home that you are thinking of selling, but don’t want the world and his wife to know it is also worth giving Jayne a call.

    Jayne supports St. Petroc’s, the homeless charity by donating part of her fees and is now proud to be part of the Cornwall Foundation Trust.  Jayne was inspired by Jo Riley of the trust who suggested that people relocating or buying holiday homes in Cornwall are ‘emotionally domicile’ to the county and it is Jayne’s plan to encourage her clients to support the Cornwall Community Foundation.’