Set up a Business Acorn Fund

    If you would like to create a long lasting impact you can create your own named fund.

    A named fund involves a single donation (or multiple donations over a period of time, hence the term Acorn Fund) of at least £25,000. This capital is invested and the income earned is awarded in grants. It is a sustainable and sustained donation that has a long-lasting impact for the community, providing a continual annual income for grant-making.

    The Foundation will work with you (and your staff team if desired) to establish the funding criteria of your Fund, and will produce annual Impact Reports on the investment and impact of your giving. The CCF currently holds £5.2 million in endowment, most of which is restricted into our specific 20 named funds.

    The Cornwall Glass Fund was set up in 2009 by C100 member Cornwall Glass & Glazing Ltd, where it was the company’s long term ambition to be able to set up a charity, to contribute to and support its surrounding community. Since its inception the fund has invested a total of more than £50,000 in community projects which specifically focus on mental health, children and organisations supporting people affected by domestic violence.

    Our Investment Committee is responsible for managing the Foundation’s investments, ensuring your endowment gift performs as well as possible to reap the best returns for grant-making. Our investment returns have consistently performed above benchmark, thanks to robust and prudent policies and protocols.
    There are various tax incentives which may make your giving more attractive. For example an additional rate taxpayer can create a charitable fund of £62,500 for a cost of £34,375, providing leverage of over 80%. This is achieved as follows:

    Donation £50,000
    Gift Aid (25%) £12,500
    Total £62,500
    Additional Rate Tax Relief (25% of the full amount including Gift Aid) £15,625
    Cost to Donor £34,375

    For further details please contact Jeremy Ward on 01566 779333 or email