Colas Cornwall Quarries

    Colas Cornwall Quarries’ Carnsew Quarry, is Cornwall’s largest inland quarry. Based on the edge of the Carnmenellis Granite intrusion, a silver grey granite is produced in a full range of sizes including: 0/4mm, 2/6.3mm, 4/10mm, 6.3/14mm, 10/20mm, 20/31.5mm, 20/40mm; Type 1, Crusher Run.

    Select single-size aggregates are decorative silver-grey granite for landscape applications. They are available in 6, 10, 14 and 20mm sizes.

    There is also, an on-site Ammann Uniglobe Asphalt Plant, installed in 2007. This plant produces a wide range of Road Base, Binder Course and Surface Course materials and supplies local contractors within Cornwall.

    Colas are a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport and infrastructure. Colas operates to provide safe, innovative and sustainable solutions for the design, building and maintenance of transport infrastructure. We deliver services to a diverse portfolio of clients including Highways England, Local Authorities, MoD, Aviation Industry and the Private sector; contractors, consultants, architects and utility companies.

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    Starting late 2014 the new Camborne Pool Redruth Distributor Road works began (photo above). Carnsew secured supply and delivery of all the drystone products to this site c.100k tonnes in total. The project was completed February 2016.
















    At Looe in mid-Cornwall, significant coastal erosion had led to the collapse of a sea defence wall, resulting in a landslide and meaning properties were at risk. Colas consulted with the Environment Agency and main contractor BAM Nuttall after granite was chosen for the reinstatement of the sea defence wall (picture above).

    Granite has been used around the coast for various sea defence schemes for its durability but was also suitable here due to the silver grey colour, which blends well with the existing harbour wall. It was important that delivery of the 800 tonnes of stone did not disturb residents. Colas operated on a strict timescale, making deliveries by road, between 10am and 2pm. An Environment Agency representative was permanently on site and local residents were involved during the consultation period and also through the works which lasted 6 weeks in total from mobilisation to demobilisation.

    The granite rock armour has stabilised the ground and fits well with the site aesthetically. After a few months, flora and fauna have started to grow on and around it, giving a natural look.