CJ Medical

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    Specialising in surgical and medical devices, CJ Medical is committed to facilitating and promoting innovative technologies supported by professional education.

    Technologies represented by CJ Medical are used by Physicians in complex surgical procedures to reduce inpatient stay, improve quality of life and healthcare outcomes for patients and hospitals. CJ Medical is the UK Exclusive Distributor of Innovative Technologies including:

    CJ Medical is also a provider of professional education and training direct to the UK surgical community and is proud of the close association with The Royal Cornwall Hospital and the team of surgeons that actively educate and train surgeons from around the country in the technique of HALO(tm) a minimally invasive virtually pain free day case procedure for haemorrhoids which promotes a rapid return to work and normal activities due to no tissue cutting unlike other haemorrhoid procedures. CJ Medical is proud to be associated with the Cornwall 100 Club and is actively committed via subscriptions and events to raise money that can be granted to community projects in the county of Cornwall.

    CJ Medical actively promotes recruitment of Cornish based individuals and maintains a strong belief in the community spirit that exists in Cornwall. More information can be seen on our website.