St Piran’s Day Falmouth hosts biggest parade yet!

With a grant of £1,500 from The Amaranth Fund St Piran’s Day Falmouth were able to host their biggest parade yet. Around 300 primary-aged children took part in the parade, starting at St Mary’s Gardens and finishing at the Princess Pavillion.

As well as their annual parade, St Piran’s Day Falmouth used the funding support to host food & drink stalls, local craft stalls with a Cornish theme and entertainment for all ages including musicians and dancers at the Princess Pavillions, carrying on St Piran’s Day celebrations.

“To a certain extent we were walking into the unknown with this event – just a handful of us, used to a much smaller event following an accustomed pattern, organising something major! To feel we had some financial support was a huge help … it was probably our saviour.”