Gerrans Parish Martin Baker Harris Charity supports local community with Meals on Wheels service

A grant of £3,000 from our Emergency Fund enabled Gerrans Parish Charity to start a Meals on Wheels service for vulnerable people in six parishes across the Roseland, during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Volunteers from The Royal Standard, The Boathouse and The Plume cooked around 5,000 meals over eight months of the first lockdown. Recipients of the service were identified by local GP surgeries and neighbourhood coordinators, they included vulnerable households who were shielding and local key workers. The meals being delivered hot to the door not only gave people a freshly cooked, 3 course meal each day but also provided a social connection for people who were socially isolated and lonely due to shielding.

The grant from the Emergency Fund covered the costs of volunteers cooking the meals and delivering them, as well as operational costs including the cost to cook each meal and equipment to transport them.

Comments from some of the beneficiaries included:

“What a wonderful community we live in, I feel so cared for.”

“The meals were delicious, and the delivery driver was always so cheerful. Thank you.”

“Thank you to all involved in preparing and delivering the meals. You have literally been life savers.”