Goldsmiths Fund for The Elderly

Description: The Goldsmiths Fund for the Elderly makes awards to support projects that improve the quality of life for older people

Type: Core costs & project costs

Status: Open

Maximum: Awards range from £500 - £3,000

Opening: 01/01/2020

Deadline: 25/02/2020

Notes: Over £1,000 applications will be reviewed at panel on the 02/04/2020, under £1,000 applications will be viewed on the 4th Monday of every other month




To support projects that improve the quality of life of older people, specifically, projects that:

1. Increase access to services for older people who face social exclusion and isolation

2. Help older people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives regain confidence and self-esteem

3. Encourage older people to take part in community activities

Even though we have advertised a deadline date, due to limited funds available the programme will be closed when sufficient applications have been received.


Apply online: Begin your application