East Langford Solar Farm Fund

Description: For the benefit of Kilkhampton, Launcells and Morwenstow

Type: Core costs & project costs

Status: Open

Maximum: Awards range from £250 to £5,000. Higher awards can be made at the panel's discretion.

Opening: 01/01/2020

Deadline: 06/04/2020

Notes: Applications to this fund will be reviewed on the later date of 19th May 2020

The East Langford Solar Farm Fund supports community projects in the areas of Kilkhampton, Launcells and Morwenstow. Projects with an educational element or awareness of reducing their carbon footprint may be given priority.

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  • You must spend your grant on improving the sustainability and/or carbon footprint of your organisation or the community.
  • Projects including an educational element will be looked upon favourably.
  • Your project must be completed within one year of the grant offer unless agreed otherwise.


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